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Today, education is considered the key for achieving success in life. For this reason, our society is interested to ensure the best training for its youngest members. Many people go for private lessons because they want to be better qualified and to become successful in their careers.

The Parliament Tutors is a team of well-prepared and ardent teachers, who use the best pedagogical methods and lesson plans, to captivate their students and to familiarize them with the subject chosen. They polish the learning skills of their students and transform them into assertive people, confident in their abilities to work with problems and overcome any obstacles that might appear on their road towards achieving a great career.

The team covers all levels of schooling, from kindergarten to MCAT, and excels at discovering the goals and needs of the students. The most important strength of the Tutors Team is the openness for improving and for adapting to the changes of a modern society. Their strategies are anchored in the requirements of a very strict educational system that it is entirely based on the needs of 21 century society.

There are three main classes of Private Tutors, who prepare students from K-8 and high school to college and postgraduates. The first class is called Academic Tutoring, the second one is called College Prep and the third one is the Postgraduate Prep.

The Academic Tutoring refers to students who want to become highly qualified in mathematics, social studies, sciences and others fields. Teachers are specialized in a variety of courses that reach the number of 100. They teach students at every level of performance, by creating lessons that take full advantage of their potential. The Foreign Language Program is designed for students who want to improve their linguistic skills or want to learn other languages.

The College Prep is dedicated to training students for a series of admissions exams such as SAT, SAT II’s, ACT, and AP’s, in the field of which teachers from the Parliament Tutors Team are recognized experts.

The Postgraduate Prep’s aim is to develop the students’ abilities and knowledge and to prepare them to become the nation’s most influential thinkers. The tutors have a great deal of experience in various academic programs such as GRE, GMAT, LSAT and MCAT. The methods through which the students are prepared and the learning approaches help graduates gain admission to prestigious universities like Yale, UC Berkley and Stanford.

The Parliament Tutors Team goal is to cultivate and improve the students’ abilities and to direct them towards a great career. The Team has the best specialists and teachers, who all contribute to the academic and professional achievements of the students.

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