Majors at University of Colorado at Boulder

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The University of Colorado at Boulder offers 85 majors at the Bachelor’s Degree level, 70 at the Master’s Degree level, and 50 at the doctoral level. The departments that stand out among all the others are the astrophysical and planetary sciences, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, engineering, English, entrepreneurial business, geography, integrative physiology, law, music, physics, and psychology departments. These departments are recognized nationally for their excellence and merit. They apply to real life and, thus, give students the best opportunity for future success both in their careers and financially.


At the Undergraduate level, qualified students have the opportunity to participate in Honors programs at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Also, some students may be able to participate in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. There are also 10 residential academic programs that include a small class setting for an optimal learning environment.


At the Graduate level, students can inquire about similar opportunities at the Graduate School, the Leeds School of Business, and Colorado Law School. CU Boulder is nationally recognized for their Graduate programs (especially those in the scientific fields) and that is why students from all over the world aspire to attend CU Boulder, at the Graduate level in particular.


As you can see, the University of Colorado at Boulder is a rich environment that prepares students for whatever the future may hold. The power of an education is limitless and CU Boulder proves just that. With so many majors to choose from no matter what your level, you can find it at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Indeed, CU Boulder is one of the best reasons to come to the Denver-Boulder area! The university welcomes thousands of students each academic year.

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