Edible Plants in Colorado

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The US state of Colorado is home to many edible plants. These plants have parts that can be eaten by humans. Here are 10 out of the numerous edible plants found in the state.


One of the edible plants found in Colorado is the common cattail, which is usually seen along the shore of a pond, river, lake or marsh. This green plant grows in moist places at low elevations. The roots of this plant is starchy and can be cooked like a dried or potato. The inside part of young shoots can also be eaten cooked or raw.

Dandelion is another edible plant in the state. It thrives in the north temperate zone in meadows, pastures, as well as on waste ground. Its color is either yellow or green, and each part is edible. Dandelions are best when young or frosted. They are cooked and also used in salads.


False Solomon’s Seal is an edible plant that grows in stream banks and rich, moist woods. Its young shoots and leaves are edible. However, they should be eaten in moderation as it can have laxative effects.


Horehound is a light green plant that finds its home on dry, low elevation regions. This edible plant can be made into candy, beer and cough drops. A sizeable amount of sugar is needed since it has a bitter taste.


Just like other mints, peppermints are great for spices and tea. They thrive along streams and in moist areas. An indigenous plant in Europe, peppermint has now been cultivated throughout the world.

Pin Cherry usually grows on the state’s western slope. The only edible part of this plant is its fruits; its wood, leaves and seeds are all poisonous as they contain hydrocyanic acid. Its fruits can be used in jellies, preserves and jams.


Other edible plants in Colorado are the Pinyon Pine and Ponderosa Pine, which grow at high desert areas at 5,000 ft to 7,000 ft elevations and in foothill areas at elevations of 7,000 ft to 8,000 ft, respectively. The nuts of these plants are eaten and collected by some inhabitants. The needles can be made into Vitamin C-rich tea, but they should be taken in moderation since they can be toxic.


Wild strawberry and wood strawberry are related species and both are edible. They grow in the woods and in the grounds. Strawberries are a good source of Vitamin C, and the wild ones are smaller compared to domestic species.

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