Deutsche Bank Partners with University of Denver

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We have always heard that the hands-on learning is the best way to take in any new skill. The Deutsche Bank has put this into to practice in an amazing way. They have partnered with the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver to give their students a truly unique hands-on learning experience.

Basically, it works like this: There are certain members of the Deutsche Bank selected by the bank itself to teach DU students in the fields of micro finance, often referred to as MFI’s.  These classes are often quite small due to necessary restrictions, of course. For instance, the latest class contained ten students. Recently, these ten students along with two or three faculty members spent a few days meeting the senior management teams and conducted research for Deutsche Bank financial operations.

This trip is called a diligence trip and is done with the express reason of giving the students an interest in international business affairs coupled with a strong focus on their responsibilities socially. All this says a lot as to the training of the students and of the daily operations of Deutsche Bank. It is a sign of outstanding integrity on the part of Deutsche Bank to invite this scrutiny by these eager students. Of course, for privacy reasons, these students are told they can only scrutinize  certain aspects of the bank’s financial operations. These lucky students also get to visit the homes of the managers and of course, they also find time to visit the nearby surroundings, to do some shopping and sightseeing.


This unique state of affairs came about in a very simple way. About four years ago, Asad Mahmood, a then Managing Director of Deutsche Bank, gave a seminar to a group from the Daniels College of Business. He was so impressed by the questions posed by this student body that he arranged for DU to become a long term partner with Deutsche Bank. As the years have passed, this arrangement has been maintained as it has proved equally beneficial to both parties.

However, do not think that Deutsche Bank is a small local bank. Deutsche Bank is a global bank, offering financial services to more than sixty countries.

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