Denver School of the Arts

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Established in 1991, the Denver School of the Arts (DSA) is a comprehensive secondary arts magnet school located in the Rocky Mountain. It provides excellent arts and academic training in the district, serving both high school and middle school students.


DSA was a concurrent program at Manual High School before it became a fully-staffed school at 150 South Pearl Street. During the 2003 to 2004 school year, it relocated to its current location at 7111 E. Montview Boulevard.


A part of the Denver Public School District, this public magnet art school offers grade six to 12 students the chance to explore the discipline and work ethic needed by an arts career in a nurturing, supportive environment; thorough academic preparation for advanced study; advocacy and lifelong learning in the arts; and relationships with national, regional and local art communities and artists. The school lives up to its vision of engaging and fostering the expression of wonderment and creativity through the education of the child.


DSA holds an audition wherein prospective students compete to be able to join in one of the 11 offered majors. These majors include Creative Writing, Instrumental Music, Dance, Stagecraft and Design, Video Cinema Arts, Theatre, Vocal Music and Visual Arts.


As one of Colorado’s most exclusive schools, DSA has thorough artistic and academic standards. DSA students are required to maintain a B grade or higher in their art classes to be retained at the school. Students also consistently earn some of the highest ACT and CSAP scores in Colorado. In addition, students in certain majors may need to take part in the audition every year to keep their performance, as well as guarantee an equal and fair selection among the applicants. Those with deficiencies may be put on probation and may lose their slot at the school.


Extra-curricular activities at the Denver School of the Arts include Fellowship of Christian Artists, Tri-M (Music Honor Society), Animal Club, History Day, and Gay Lesbian and Straight Alliance. Those from the performing arts majors can take advantage of various performance opportunities, including huge events like Elton John’s Aida and Orff’s Carmina Burana. The school also has an NHS program focusing on community service. It also takes pride in its award-winning debate team.


While it does not have an extra-curricular sports program, DSA students are urged to take part in sports programs at other high schools in Denver.

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