Denver School of Nursing

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The Denver School of Nursing serves the nursing profession, health care organizations, and the increasing needs of society for qualified nurses.  They offer programs for students who are looking for careers in nursing and other medical fields.  They maintain a quality nursing program in an environment that will focus on not only clinical competence across all scopes of practice, but also help develop the technical and thinking skills that are needed to foster successful careers in professional nursing.

The program explores a differentiated practice model that will teach the student nurses to seek the opportunity to learn and collaborate with other nurses of differing educational preparations.  Their programs integrate traditional health care values with holistic health care values.   They use this method of teaching so that the student nurses can explore and understand the whole body wellness when they are taking care of patients.

The Denver School of Nursing offers a campus, which is located in the LODO area of downtown Denver, and the annex, which is also located in downtown Denver just two blocks from the main campus.  The nursing students have classroom and lab activities on the main campus, but for clinical simulation they have to go to the annex.  Any other clinical activities occur at facilities that are primarily in the Denver metro area.  Within a few blocks of the campus the student nurses will find major shopping areas, an assortment of different restaurants, other services, and public transportation.

At the annex, in addition to the simulation lab, there are also medication administration equipment, modern supplies, and the electronic medical software that the student nurses need to use.  The simulation lab has high fidelity simulation models and consists of four patient rooms that include two Obstetric/Pediatric rooms and two Medical/Surgical rooms.  Each of these rooms can accommodate six to eight nursing students at a time.  These simulation labs provide the nursing students with actual patient scenarios using mannequins in fully replicated patient rooms.

Some of the programs that the Denver School of Nursing offers are Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion Option, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree Program, and Associate Degree in Nursing Completion Option plus two other programs.

When you graduate from the Denver School of Nursing you can have four years of full time clinical practice, an unencumbered license as a registered nurse in the state of Colorado, and documented knowledge and skills relating to becoming a nurse.  When you graduate you will be ready to take your place in the nursing field of your choice with either an Associate or Bachelor degree.

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