Denver Italian Institute

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With a huge population in the world speaking Italian, the Denver Italian Institute focuses on promoting exchange between the Italian speaking world and the local community. They aim at relating the cultural, social and intellectual aspects of the Italian nations. The institute organizes a number of events and cultural meets to promote the culture among its people. Founded in 2009 and located at 677 S. Colorado Blvd, Suite 100, the Institute has an intensive Italian schedule:

  • Month-long introductory classes: It is an 8 hour four week agenda which includes the basics needed for those leaving for Italy. Participants will acquire specific skills which include greetings, inquiries, and etiquettes of Italy, cultural specifications, requests and much more.
  • Italian for Beginners: This is an 8 hour program which trains its students in grammatical conversations in Italian and emphasises on the Italian life style as well as cultural activities.
  • Monthly conversational classes: They are the advanced courses where the student has already been exposed to basic Italian. This is an enhancement course with greater stress on the grammar of the language and interaction with other Italian speakers.
  • Italian language program: This is for those who wish to enhance their skills beyond introductory levels. There are 80 minutes sessions with three levels graded in to 4 sub grades.

Special English enhancement classes are also available. Training is by experts like Maria A Chiacchiano, Caren Davidkhanian, Massimiliano Minoli, and Julie Starsheim. The team of instructors fine tune the students to attain better understanding over the culture and language depending on the type of coaching they enroll themselves in.

The Italian Institute of Denver is also a corporate sector that extends a hand to those who find it tough to understand Italian documents. It helps in translation and interpretation of certain birth certificates, family documents, business agreements, and more. Another field where the Denver Italian Institute is offering help is in the export and import in the city and within the country of Italy. It is building a bridge in the business of the USA with Italian-speaking nations. They are providing optimal communication between the two nations fueling business of the region. They have a travel consultancy that can design Italian tours to the customers and attending to issues regarding visas, boarding, and vacation planning.

The most famous event by the Institute is the Parliamo Italiano, which is a get together of all the students within the Italian communities. Here they share cultures, converse in each other’s language, learn from one another and have fun. This event is a potluck where everyone meets at a designated house to get more familiar with the Italian culture.

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