Denver Green School

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The Denver Green School (DGS) is a neighborhood performance school that serves the Southeast Denver, Colorado. As a DPS performance school, DGS has the Board of Education’s approval to implement a distinct educational program.


This neighborhood school offers curriculum aimed at preparing learners to stand out in their college studies and careers by combining problem-solving skills and mastery of essential skills.


As a Neighborhood Innovation School, DGS implements its own program design. The school emphasizes on project-based learning to allow students and teachers to engage in teacher-facilitated, self-directed and relevant learning. It utilizes unique research-based curriculum for Reading and Mathematics for students to become more engage, as well as for teachers to become more flexible in planning.


DGS has partnered with the urban community to provide a brains-on experience with the involvement of all the students, families, staff and community. Its mission is to prepare all students toward a bright, green and sustainable future. DGS also lives up to its vision of offering a student-driven and flexible approach to instruction and curriculum that meets the diverse needs of learners. While its curriculum meets and often exceeds the standards of the state of Colorado, DGS is free to teach basic subjects like Science, Mathematics and Literacy via a project-based method.


At DGS, students are more engaged and excited to go to school, since their projects and lessons are applicable to their day-to-day lives. Students also build their leadership ability by taking part in decision-making in a small environment, learn problem-solving skills and connect with the community through service-learning projects such as community garden, as well as perform better in academics thanks to a longer school day and unique learning plans.


DGS aims to be ‘green’ in its classrooms, curriculum and school building, focusing on the students and community to live a sustainable lifestyle. It also focuses on cutting carbon footprint, as well as on social and environmental sustainability. It seeks partnerships with local experts such as the Cloud Institute and Earth Force to utilize its neighborhood or building as laboratories for the implementation of sustainable living and carbon footprint reduction.


DGS takes responsibility for enhancing its natural, social and built environment. It engages learners to deal with everyday problems and come up with sustainable solutions for the school and community.


The school’s management encourages applicants to fill up a Pre-Enrollment Form. Early Childhood Denver Green School is also keen on welcoming four-year-olds to its pre-school program.

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