Denver Center for International Studies

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The learning community that lays the foundation to train students for the world outside!

Denver Center for International Studies, or DCIS for short, was founded in 1985. DCIS has a special community of diverse students from all parts of Denver, diligent and sincere staff, and a perfect ambience for studying. The school focuses on world geography, trains students in six languages (Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and English) to make them multilingual, apart from the fundamental subjects like math, science, social studies, and the arts. The students also participate in cultural events and social or community service at local, national, and international levels. They also study cross cultural communication, international politics, world history, and other specialized disciplines. DCIS prepares the students to apply for college anywhere in the world in such a way that language and culture will not be barriers to their academic interests.

DCIS carries out unique activities like club formation for sports, knowledge, health, music, international travel, advanced post secondary or honors courses, and so on. Events that will be organized in 2011 would include three outreach camping programs in summer, visiting a ranch run Mexican style, celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd, sports and game activities like baseball, soccer, and basketball during the spring, and many others.

If a student wishes to graduate with honors, then he must be a member of the National Honor Society, finish 80 hrs of community service and 40 hrs of DCIS school service, 4 international passages and participate in 32 cultural events (this includes attending speeches, debates, conferences, seminars, field trips etc). International passage includes 2 experimental projects and 1 15-page research paper. The passage course includes cross cultural studies, comparison of cultures between two places, international trips, studying abroad for a semester, raising funds for Heifer project, collecting donations for migrant workers, volunteering medical assistance in India, helping to form the DCIS travel resource project, organizing recycling programs, assisting a cinematographer in creating films and organizing events like International Festivals, and much more. The school also has its own newspaper. The students have got the chance to meet and listen to the speech of famous leaders in person. Some lectures include those held by the Dalai Lama, the Mexican ambassador, UNO foundation president Tim Wirth, Madeline Albright, Former President Bill Clinton, among others.

Programs organized by the school to develop an interest in cross cultural activities and global affairs include the celebration of United Nations Day and The Moon festival. In order to prepare students for college, it organizes courses like honors and advanced placement courses. Another special includes the dual enrollment course where a student gets the chance to earn credits for both high school and college simultaneously. In Advanced Placement courses, students learn advanced English, geography, biology, world history, French, Spanish, Italian, and so on.

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