Daniels Fund Scholarship Program

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Bill Daniels was a caring man as well as one of Denver’s most notable entrepreneurs.  Mr. Daniels was known for giving back to the community and helping worth students to achieve their goals.  In order to help worthy but financially challenged students get a college education, the scholarship program was created.

Since 2000, the Daniels fund has helped over 2,000 students realize their educational dreams as well as helped non-profit organizations and charter schools in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah.  Each year, scholarships are awarded in April; other funds are awarded at other times of the year.  Although the scholarships have been given for 2011, students can begin to work on applications for the 2012 school year.  Community groups applying for grant money can fill out applications at any time of the year.

In order to apply for the scholarship, students must be nominated and must demonstrate financial need.   Nominations will be accepted only by high schools and community agencies  that have been approved by the scholarship board.  To find out more information on who can nominate scholars for the program, call303-398-7220 or email the scholarship board at [email protected].

After students have been nominated, they will be given information in order to access the online application form.  After filling out the application, the students can submit them online.  A small group of semi-finalists will be chosen to interview with the board and a final scholarship will be awarded.

In addition to financial need, scholarship recipients will be chosen based upon their character, academic abilities, leadership abilities, community service projects, and their personality.  The board is looking for students that are well rounded and that excel in many areas.

Students that are considering applying for the scholarship can check out tips for filling out the application at http://www.danielsfund.org/Scholarships/Contacts.asp.  Students can also check out the tips on applying to colleges as well as find other helpful information on this page.

In order to apply for grant money, agencies and organizations must first qualify.  The Daniels Fund accepts grant applications from agencies or organizations  that deal with aging, abuse, sports, disabilities, or education.  If your agency deals with these issues, then you can fill out an application by contacting the organization at 303-398-7220 or by emailing at [email protected]. The amounts of the awards given to each agency vary depending on many factors.  For more information about how grant amounts are determined, contact the staff at the Daniels Fund.

Groups that are interested in obtaining money in order to help with charter school funding should begin by filling out the application online.  These applications can be found in different formats at http://www.danielsfund.org/Grants/Charter-School-Grants.asp.  In addition, groups should pay attention to the documentation checklist.  This checklist contains the different items that need to be submitted with applications.  This documentation includes, but is not limited to organizational charts, business plans, and other items that the Daniels Fund has requested.  For more information or if you have questions, you can contact the group at 303-398-7220.

Bill Daniels vision was to help communities and people to achieve great things.  The Daniels Fund is doing just that both in Colorado, and in communities in several neighboring states.

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