Colorado Springs Center for Spiritual Living

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Located at 3685 Jeannine Drive in Colorado Springs, the Center for Spiritual Living is a community that honors every pathway to God. It offers spiritual tools for personal transformation that brings greater joy and deeper peace in day-to-day life. CSL warmly welcomes people seeking a spiritual community where they are accepted, affirmed and embraced for who they are.

As a member of the United Centers for Spiritual Living, the Colorado Springs Center for Spiritual Living envisages a world without homelessness, war, violence, hunger, disenfranchisement and separation. It is a point of influence and inspiration, promoting the Global Heart’s vision to benefit every facet of life, thus bringing kindness and active compassion to the world.

Colorado Springs Center for Spiritual Living offers various weekly services, events, classes and ministries. It conducts a connection service every Sunday at 9.30am. These inspirational and uplifting services are expressions of community, as well as a sharing of life-changing talks and affirmative prayers relevant to modern life. Join the CSL every week at 9.00am for a meditation headed by a licensed practitioner. Every Sunday morning, CSL also holds a prayer at the Celebration Hall.

Every Wednesday from 6:30pm to 7:15pm, join the CSL in its night meditation and prayer, which serves as a mid-week spiritual pick-me-up and support, providing a chance to know God through others’ fellowship. Through this activity, your mind is stilled and opened to the love and light of God.

CLS also offers Deeksha/oneness blessing twice a month, during the second Thursday and fourth Tuesday of each month. This is offered for free but donations are accepted.

On June 9 to 11, CSL is offering It’s Time to Forgive classes, where participants are given a chance to release the bonds of the past and move into the present. The class is offered for $145.

CLS also offers prayer support in various ways. Its practitioners are free for prayer support every Sunday after the service. You can also request for a prayer online or by filling out a prayer request form and dropping it in a prayer request box.

CLS offers Family Ministry designed for Nursery and Pre-K to fifth graders every Sunday during the service. Sixth to eight graders can join the Middle Youth Group where they meet on the first and third Sunday of the month during the service.

For materials for education, spiritual support and inspiration, visit the CSL bookstore situated adjacent to the Celebration Hall. The bookstore offers wide array of book titles including ancient wisdom, spiritual classics, studies of Science of Mind, new thought, as well as self-help materials. It also offers music, books on CD, DVDs, guided mediations, plus a range of jewelry and gifts.

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