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Looking for a way to re-wire your brain? Or accelerate your learning skills? Then you may have found your place at Colorado Free University. All sorts of classes are offered, language classes such as Spanish and technical skills improvement such as computer skills or speed reading are offered as well. The good thing is that you can enroll on campus like a regular university or for those that live outside of the immediate area, you can enroll in online classes. Registration can be done in four ways: by fax, mail, online, or on campus.

For some classes there are special prices applicable to members. Therefore, it is definitely worth it to sign up for membership to get the maximum discount.  However, this is not required. There are three different types of membership offered for those who are interested in racking up savings. First, there is the individual membership for $25 per year. Next up is a family membership for $50 per year. Finally, you have the company membership for $75 per year. The family membership can include up to four adults. The company membership is for an unlimited number of adults, that is, your employees. However, this type of membership requires an application form to be filled out, as you must set up a corporate billing account. For members, advance registration is required to take advantage of your membership benefits.

The name Colorado Free University comes from the policy that this university holds. Students and adults over 17 of any size, shape, color, nationality and religion are welcomed with open arms. Handicapped or as sometimes referred to as ’specially abled’ persons are also welcome. However, you are asked to kindly make arrangements like calling ahead if you need special accommodations in the classroom. All classes canceled are refunded by Colorado Free University. However, CFU does its best to keep the classes running and they rarely cancel classes. They boast that if the buses are running, so are they. Therefore, in bad weather it would be wise to call ahead to see if class has been canceled.

If you cannot make a class due to illness or any other reason, you are required to notify the university at least seventy-two hours ahead of time. Then, Colorado Free University will do one of two things: either transfer you to another class whose hours suit you better, or they will issue you a class credit voucher which can be redeemed toward a future class. However, both of these options require payment of a $7 fee, which is deducted from your voucher. For each class you must remember to bring your registration ticket with the confirmation number.

All teachers in charge of a course are experts in their own topics, but they are not required to hold a teacher’s certificate. Therefore, Colorado Free University cannot be held liable for the content of the courses taught by independent teachers.

Go for it and spend your time improving your mind!

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