Colorado Facts

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Living in Colorado does not necessarily mean you know everything there is to know about Colorado and the Denver area. Here are some fast Colorado facts to keep you on top of the game when it comes to random Colorado trivia.

Nickname: Centennial State (because it joined the union 100 years after the Declaration of Independence and also the 38th state to join)

Motto: Nil sine Numine (Nothing without Providence)

Symbols of Colorado

flower: Rocky Mountain columbine
tree: Colorado blue spruce
gemstone: aquamarine
colors: blue and white
song: “Where the Columbines Grow”
dinosaur: Stegosaurus
animal: Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep
bird: lark bunting

Number of U.S. Representatives: 7

The Geographic center of Colorado: Park, CO

Number of Colorado state forests: 1

Number of Colorado state parks: 44

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