Colorado Department of Education

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The Colorado Department of Education or the CDE is an effective administrative branch of the Colorado State Board of Education, which serves 178 schools from the local districts around the city and has been consistently reforming to attain higher educational qualities by developing perseverance among the tutors and students. This board of 40 units with 25 different programs for attaining the set goals is supported by a staff of 300 members.


The vision of the CDE is to provide all the children of Colorado with quality educational fronts and make it available to all the children of the district barring the bias of economic and civil aspects. It aims at transforming the present generation into future responsible citizens. They provide both moral and financial support to students, parents, and educators trying relentlessly to achieve their goals. The duties of CDE include:


1.     Enhance leadership qualities and training facilities.

2.     Professional developments to incorporate the latest technologies in the teaching systems, which make students more articulate.

3.     Complete utilization of public and state funds for development and training programs.

4.     A reliable research platform to analyze the data regarding the relative grading of schools for further improvements.


The efficient team of the CDE rates the schools of the districts with different graphical representations. All of the schools are compared by growth models, performance lines, and communication connections. The progress of different schools is gauged and the intensity of developmental activities are planned and implemented.


Complete care for the right educator and principal is taken by the committee. As it is believed that the effectiveness of the educator and principal is reflected by the students’ achievements, CDE does not leave an option of mishap. It recruits all the educators and the principals through an extensive program, trains them accordingly, and then approves their license. They are on constant training programs to improve each educator’s quality output. As a latest addition to its list of selection sprees, CDE has complicated the evaluation of all educators. This is to increase their effectiveness.


Students are kept under consistent accountability and performance expectations to give them and their parents the insight to gauge the next step for betterment. Programs to spread awareness on nutrition, law, homeless, technologies, leaderships, library programs and others are constantly conducted. Adequate progress, disciplinary facts, statewide report cards and a lot more are handed to the students to make them acknowledge their positions among their counterparts. A new state assessment system is developed to increase the standards of the kids. This is under the Colorado Achievement Plan for Kids. To make the programs more lucrative and increase the competitive growth among students and educators, the CDE offers awards of excellency in education and other activities.

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