Caesar Chavez Academy in Denver

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Kindergarten through eighth grade students have a free tuition educational service in Denver at the Caesar Chavez Academy. The school offers a curriculum to its pupils who thrive at preparing young scholars and responsible citizens who can display an outstanding performance in the challenging world. The elite team of the school believes in principles which form the prop for a committed journey towards success. The belief of the organization can be summarized as:

1.     All children have the ability to develop into responsible individuals if they are given the right training through care and a challenging agenda blended with experienced professionals for tutors.

2.     The inherent capabilities and talents of all the children should be given a chance for expression, which can be enhanced even more with learning.

3.     The opportunity to education should be extended to all children without a bias, which is recognized to be their right of childhood.

4.     Enhanced activities and a well coordinated staff are bonded for the accomplishment of goals and a well charted curriculum.

5.     The learning process is developed through integrated projects, skill demonstrations and standardized tests.

6.     All students are well prepared for college and connected to the community for further personality development skills.

Caesar Chavez Academy believes that parents’ involvement in the students’ educational curriculum and activities can change the perspective of the student. To initiate this CCA has conducted events which included the combined presence of students and parents. Taste of Tennyson held on Saturday April 30th was a program by the teachers, students and the administrators which was a six hours extensive event costing $15 per child with an additional amount of $10 for every parent associated. Activities at the event included a grandeur dinner with pepperoni and cheese pizza from Dominos or Little Caesars, juice, and water or Gatorade. The event also hosts playing at the park (if the weather permits) opposite to the school premises, crafts, exotic games, Guitar Hero, a G-rated movie on the eighteen foot screen at the CCA, resting mats and many more.

CCA has scheduled its student’s enrollment process in two different rounds. The first is from October 2nd through the last Friday in January and the second is the last Friday in January through October 1st. The first round selection process is a lottery and the second is a first come first served basis. With a guaranteed commitment to beliefs and mission of the school, the CCA enforces the fact that it is a self-stimulated organization.

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