Boulder, Colorado

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Boulder, Colorado is a college town is based at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  It has the reputation for progressive values, a very pleasant place to live and visit, and for enjoying the great outdoors.  It is the home of The University of Colorado at Boulder.  It is a high-tech town that is spreading communities in outlying farm towns.  Boulder is the center of alternate culture with various new age institutions.  You will also find Naropa University, meditation centers, and Buddhist centers in Boulder.

Boulder has the status as a mecca for serious athletes.  They make their home there for the conditioning advantages of high altitude.  Most of the people who live in Boulder is serious climber, runner, cyclist, or skier.  The town is situated in the Front Range region of Colorado.  Boulder is the “front door” to the mountainous country to the west.  There is a medium size ski resort an hour from Boulder.

This town is known for its outdoors, and for having one of the healthiest lifestyles in America.  If you live in Boulder, you know that it is expensive to live there.  There are cheaper smaller towns being built but it will take 15 minutes to get to Boulder.

If you want to get around town, there is a mass transit, which is shared between Boulder and Denver.  Many of the residents rely on bicycles to get around town since most attractions are less than 2 miles of the city.

Downtown Boulder you can find shopping, restaurants, and entertainment.  You can also find the Pearl Street Mall, which is a four block outdoor walking mall.  Historic buildings that have storefronts and restaurants surround this walking mall.   Here you can find anything from trinkets to clothing to art.  There is also a large variety of cuisines reasonably priced.  When the weather is nice, you will see street performers on Pearl Street.  The most famous one is called “The Zip Code Man.”  He knows every zip code throughout the United States and the entire world.  There are mimes, magicians, and other crazy acts.

University Hill caters to the college students with a variety of restaurants, bars, coffee houses, and bookstores.  The college students refer to it as “The Hill.”  You will also find several entertainment venues that highlight up-and-coming talent.  The University of Colorado has a 600-acre campus.  There are also hiking trails, white water tubing on the Platte River, and Front Range Climbing.

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