Arapahoe Community College

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Arapahoe Community College is an educational institution in Colorado that serves as a great opportunity for students who want to succeed in life and gain more than just a degree. Since 1965 Arapahoe Community College or commonly known as ACC, has been serving as an institution where anyone above the age of 17 can join with or without a high school diploma. ACC offers many facilities for its students like the Weber Center for Learning Resources, the Colorado Gallery of Arts, the Automotive Technology Department, Arapahoe Career and Technical School, and the ACC Parker Campus.

ACC offers more then 100 degrees and certificate programs with more then 18,000 students attending the college annually. The ambition and success of ACC lies in the fact that the institution along with collaboration from the faculty strives to provide quality and innovative education to all its students from different ethnicities. ACC provides an open environment for its students to exchange healthy and successful ideas with a chance for personal growth.

There are various programs offered at ACC which include accounting, mortuary science, criminal justice, math, and automotive technology. ACC also provides online teaching classes for its students as well. The online classes provide more opportunity for its students to do more with their time and continue with study no matter where they are. The online classes have the same curriculum and students can take tests and submit assignments online with ease.

Arapahoe Community College provides the best education at flexible and affordable tuition. The college also provides financial assistance and scholarships to many of its bright students. The ACC foundation works as a support program for their student, which is funded by the donors and other sponsors. In order to provide quality and accessible education to its students the ACC foundation grants scholarships and financial assistance to many of its students.

Arapahoe Community College also provides job opportunities to its students. Students after graduation can serve as part time instructors at the ACC campus. The ACC also serves to enhance the skills and capabilities of its students with the help of different certificates designed for workplace skills, business and computer training and leadership. The ACC Career Center also provides free career assistance to its students. In the current scenario of rising unemployment and uncertainty, the ACC is committed to serve its students and help them get ahead in life. ACC is an accredited institute with tremendous opportunities to learn and serve.

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