10 Things Denver is Famous For

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Tourists flock to Denver in the thousands each and every year. What exactly is it about Denver that is so appealing to tourists? What is Denver famous for? Let’s examine this question in depth:


We think a few random tidbits about Denver are in order.


  1. Denver is home to the airport with the largest square footage in the country. Denver International Airport is not the busiest airport in the United States, but it sure is the biggest! The site of the previous Denver Airport, Stapleton, is now a bustling shopping center.
  2. Denver – or the “Mile High City” sits at exactly 1 mile or 5,280 feet above sea level. The exact mile is marked on one of the steps of the State Capitol downtown.
  3. Denver is only 1 of 2 US cities to mint United States currency (the other city is Philadelphia.) The Denver Mint is located downtown and provides free tours for visitors.
  4. Molly Brown, Buffalo Bill, and several other famous historic figures resided in the area.
  5. Denver is home to the most breweries in the country. Indeed, Denver produces more beer by volume than any other US city. If you are drinking in Denver, though, beware because a higher altitude makes the effects of intoxication worse than they would be at sea level.
  6. Beautiful, seasonal weather is one of Denver’s finest traits. Crisp blue skies and intense sunshine are common year around no matter what the temperature. Denver weather is very famous indeed.
  7. John Denver. And his song, Rocky Mountain High.
  8. The Boettcher Concert Hall is the only 360-degree concert hall in the United States. This makes Denver a definite hot spot for classical music enthusiasts.
  9. Denver (well, the Denver area) is home to several prominent companies including Coors, Crocs, Celestial Seasonings, Red Robin Burgers, Qdoba Mexican Grill, and Chipotle Mexican Grill. Denver is a city of entrepreneurs!
  10. Denver hosts all 4 professional sports teams – one of the few US cities to do so.

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