Popular Nostalgic Home Styles in Denver

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With Denver being a Gold Rush town with a trendy appeal, it is no surprise that the city is filled with charming houses that are a blast from the past are carefully preserved for their beauty and aesthetic appeal. Cookie cutter homes are springing up all over the place in Denver and every other major US city, but the preservation of these beautiful classic old style homes help Denver maintain its unique appeal. Who wants to live in a neighborhood where every third house is the same?

This article highlights some of the most popular architectural home styles in Denver. Let us begin.

The uber classic Victorian home is a favorite among many Denverites. By 1887, people began painting their houses vibrant, bold colors that are the main identifying feature of Victorian homes. The grand castle-like towers and fish scale designs on the front (near the roof) of Victorian homes are other distinctive features of this type of home. These multi-level homes are typically very large in size with a minimum of 3 storeys. Many people have turned Denver Victorian homes into Bed and Breakfasts or multi-family dwellings.

Another commonly seen style of home in Denver is the bungalow. The bungalow is a one storey or sometimes one-and-a-half storey home that typically has a veranda. The interior of a bungalow wraps around in a circular shape. The term bungalow was first used in England in 1696. Washington Park and Highlands are two neighborhoods that are heavily populated with bungalow retreats.

The tudor style is another popular Denver home. Tudors are modeled after Olde English style homes from England at the end of the medieval era from the end of the 15th Century to the beginning of the 17th Century. Tudor homes are half-timbered and half-stucco or brick. Because of the complexity of the tudor design, it is relatively difficult and expensive to construct. However, it makes a lasting home that won’t fall over at the first sign of harsh weather like many of the newer cookie cutter homes.

In fact, all of the 3 above mentioned home styles are extremely strong and built to last centuries. And they have. If you are looking for a home that will stand the test of time, one of the three house styles in this article is sure to satisfy your urge for a beautiful, quality, unique home that all of your neighbors don’t also live in.

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