Apartment and Rental Homes in Denver

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When it is time to start looking for a new rental home in Denver, it is both an exciting and stressful line of events. One of the first things to do is decide where around Denver you would want to live and where it is in regards to where you work. Some Denver neighborhoods are really nice but far away from grocery stores and shopping, whereas some close to shopping may cost more.

Figure out what your budget is for your future home in Denver and whether or not the places you are interested in include any utilities in the price of rent. If you have any pets, where you will be able to live will be cut down and you should also consider the price of pet deposits and pet rent, if there are any.

Next, create a list of things that you want in a home. Divide it between things that you need in a home and things that would be nice to have. Don’t forget to include a list of things to keep an eye out for such as poor plumbing or poorly insulated windows.

The next step in finding a new rental in one of the many Denver neighborhoods is browsing different sites for places that you are interested in. Beware of finding rentals on Craigslist as there are many scammers on there. Even if there is an actual address listed, do not contact them unless they have a legitimate local phone number for you to contact and does not require you to send any money beforehand.

Next, if you are planning on renting an apartment, check out DenverColorado.org for reviews by current and past tenants. Although some reviews can just be from people who like to complain, there are a lot of legitimate complaints to keep in mind.

Schedule a meeting with the landlord or leasing agent to see the rental in person as pictures tend to not give you the full embrace of what it would be like to live there.

When visiting the Denver rental, look at little things like, do the cabinets open easily, is the fridge big enough, do the faucets work properly, are there any cracks in the ceiling, how much light comes into the rooms, etc.

Also ask about how close nearby things are such as a Denver city park, theaters and anything else that would be nice to be close to. There may be amenities that are part of the rental package such as access to gyms and swimming pools too.

You can also bring along a camera and a checklist as looking at many rentals can turn into a blur in one’s memory.

It is important to weigh the pros and cons of the potential Denver rental as it will be your home for the next year or so and the last thing to worry about is how good the upkeep of the rental home is.

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