A Plus Real Estate School

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A Plus Real Estate School is a form of higher education for people who want to become real estate professionals. The specialists at the A Plus Real Estate School provide the students with the information necessary for a better comprehension of the real estate marketing area.

Founded in 1994, in Denver, Colorado by Tony Portarero, Ph.D., A Plus Real Estate School is licensed by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, the Division of Private Occupational Schools. Tony and his wife Deby, have taught a great number of students the art of persuasion and provided them with the tools for succeeding in any negotiation situations. The students taking their courses become licensed broker associates, sales agents, and managing brokers, prepared to achieve the best possible results in their careers.

A Plus is not only addressed to those who want to obtain a license, but also to the licensed professionals who wish to improve their skills and to improve their chances of professional success. A Plus guarantees a pass program and a placement program, and at the same time offers tutoring and counseling. More than that, there are different methods students can learn through, such as classroom study, distant learning, and online study. The online course is a great opportunity for those who have a restrictive program, because they can learn on their own schedule. For people opting for distant learning, the curriculum for continuing education consists of a pack of complete online courses, with the exception of Negotiation: The Complete Story course, which takes the form of a live seminar taught by Deby Portarero. On the A Plus website, students can find an online Course Catalog that presents all the available courses, covering various topics related to real estate, and totaling 24 credit hours.

The audience to which continuing real estate education addresses is larger than one might think. The truth is that a great deal of people may need these courses. For example, the A Plus courses are a good option if you are an expired licensee applying within three years to reinstate your license or applying to activate a license or if you are a licensed broker renewing an active license. The A Plus School provides its students with the Colorado Real Estate Catalog, and other materials needed, free of charge, after they have passed the courses with a minimum score of 70%.

Created for people who want to achieve excellence in their domain, A Plus Real Estate School motivates its students with a long history of which Tony Portarero, the founder, is very proud. The instructors at A Plus teach more than real estate; they teach the students the art of being the best and teach them how to continuously improve their knowledge.

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