Vacation with your Dog in Colorado

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An increasing number of people are traveling to Colorado with their dogs, as the state is famous for its beautiful scenery, pet-friendly atmosphere and great outdoor activities. Places such as Colorado Springs and Aspen are some of the cities that welcome travelers with dogs.

Looking for dog friendly accommodation in Colorado can be easy as various accommodations in the state welcome pets. Dog friendly hikes can also be found throughout the state. National forests, state parks, wilderness areas and state parks in Colorado are all pet friendly.

The first thing to do if you bring a furry friend on a vacation to Colorado is to look for pet friendly accommodation. Many of the mountain towns in Colorado offer several kinds of lodging that will welcome your furry pet.

Search the web for accommodations that allow pets. Various websites have list of pet friendly accommodations. Narrow down your list based on location, facilities and other important information. Remember to choose the accommodation that suits your needs taking into account the pet policy, price, location and other preferences.

Different types of lodging have their own rules on whether or not the dog can stay alone inside the room. Most of them also charge a fee. If you have a travel kennel or a crate, bring them with you as most lodging usually allow dogs to be left alone in a room provided they are on a crate. Besides, you need them if you are traveling via plane.

If you are driving to Colorado for your vacation, a crate will not take up much space if you dismantle it. A crate will also help your pet feel more at home. Your pet will be safe inside the crate and will help you not to be distracted while driving.

When you are traveling for a vacation in Colorado, be sure that you have necessary items at hand. Bring dog food, water and water bowls for your pet as a change in water can cause some intestinal problems in your pet. A change in dog food can also cause problem to the dog’s stomach. Feeding big dogs from elevated bowls will help in food digestion.

Other items that you should bring for your dog if you will go on a vacation are a leash, treats, brush, towel, chew toy as well as plastic bags for pick up duty.

When you come prepared for a vacation together with your pet, you will surely have a wonderful vacation.

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