Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue

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The name says it all. The Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue is dedicated to saving the Laborador breed of dogs through adoption work. The dogs come to the various shelters, where they are treated for illnesses, spayed or neutered, and then trained to become the perfect dog for any individual or family.

This process is not easy and requires a lot of patience, hard work and most of all, funds. Money is generously donated by caring people to this worthy cause and other funds are accumulated through extensive fundraising activities. The age of the internet has helped greatly as now pictures and details of the dogs up for adoption can be viewed by thousands in the state of Colorado and around the country, thereby increasing dramatically their chances of adoption. You are also able to give a donation through Paypal on their website without even moving from your desk. Just remember, every little effort on your part helps another wagging tail! Sadly, some dogs are difficult to place with a loving family, sometimes due to a patchily colored coat or what some people term as ’menacing’ eyes.

This is especially true in the case of the black labradors. Black labs are beautiful dogs. However, due to foolish superstitions, some people believe that a black dog will bring them bad luck. No doubt this belief comes from the superstition of the old Rocky Mountain days where a black cat was a witch’s cat and therefore able to cast spells. This is all complete nonsense. A black laborador is no different in character than a yellow laborador. In fact, we can truly say that no dog has the same personality – just like people. Some people think that black dogs are scary due to the contrast of their dark coat with their eyes. Well, if you were hoping for a dog for safety, then this is the great choice as everyone will be scared of your dog and leave you alone.

All labradors are great company, no matter what the color of their coat is, due to their love of fun. This breed is also quite easy to be trained.

The Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue shelter takes care of the basic training for you so you have nothing to fear. Just get in touch with them to find the perfect dog for you and your family.

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