Colorado Kennel Club

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The club that has been serving dogs for over 100 years is the Colorado Kennel Club.

The annual Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show is an exciting experience. Held every year during the month of February at the National Western Stock Show Complex, it brings together a number of dog breeds and their “guardians” from all over the country. The 16th annual show was held from February 17-21, 2011.

Before attending the show a few things should be known:

  • Only dogs entering in the competition are allowed in the show.
  • Dogs have to be completely owned by the master and cannot be bought, sold, or rented for the show.
  • Dogs have the tendency to bite, so it is the responsibility of parents or guardians to take care of their children while touching other dogs. To pet a dog, permission must be granted from its master.
  • Baby strollers are not allowed inside as this poses a potential danger to any children riding in the stroller. The baby’s head may be at dogs’ height, which can scare the baby and create increase the chances of getting bitten.
  • The show organizers take no responsibility for injuries, accidents, or losses at the show. It is each individual’s responsibility to take care of himself or herself and any belongings.
  • The show attracts huge crowds, so reservations have to be made by coming early.

The “Meet the Breed” event is held at two locations in 2011. One is inside the Hall of Education and the other is at the Mall of Education. Each breed is given different times throughout the four days of the big event. The sponsors for the organization and club maintenance are the American Kennel Club, Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs, Agility, and Denver Dog – Yahoo Group.

To attain membership in the community, certain requirements must be met:

1.     The member who wishes to become a member of the Colorado Kennel Club family should attend at least three meetings.

2.     Everyone must submit a completed application for membership.

3.     Everyone must submit a recommendation from at least two of the existing members as a proof of verification.

4.     Dues of $10 should be paid each year.

5.     Prospective members must have a dog registered with the American Kennel Club.

After all these conditions are met, the AKC will approve the membership. Registering puppies at the AKC is another advantage to the master. The registration offers canine inspections, breeding information and care, further health assistance, DNA profiling, and much more. There are a number of events that promote good conduct to the owner with the dogs. They conduct compassionate training programs making them compatible with the public environment. Apart from these they are taught obedience, agility running, disaster preparations, and more.

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