Blue Moon Akita Rescue

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The Blue Moon Akita Rescue is a small organization that provides its orphans with individual attention and homelike atmosphere. Since 1972, it has been connecting people with ideal pets. For the past two years, it has successfully placed more than 20 Akitas into caring family homes. It keeps the orphans until they find their permanent homes. Its mission is to make sure that each Akita placed in a home will never be homeless again.

Some orphans at the Blue Moon Akita Rescue quickly find new owners, while others take some time. Regardless of the time spent at the Blue Moon, each Akita gets filled with lots of love and attention, good food and medical care. Blue Moon ensures that these special dogs have a comfortable and safe place to live, fun toys, good exercise, good veterinary care and obedience training. It spends a great deal of time getting to know all Akitas to be able to pair them with the perfect person or family guaranteeing a loving relationship in a happy home.

Every Akita at Blue Moon has been neutered or spayed, microchipped, and is current on vaccinations before the placement. Each pet is crate trained and has strong foundation in basic obedience training. Available training for the Akita and their adopters is offered for free.

Blue Moon has also teamed up with other reputable rescues throughout the United States. It can help you connect with another rescue to help find a dog that meets your needs and activity level. It can provide you with references from other Blue Moon adopters, veterinarian, other not-for-profit animal rescues, and national Akita rescues.

Akitas are big, strong, intelligent and independent pets. They are quick to learn and loyal to their family. If you are interested to adopt an Akita, visit its website and browse its listings of dogs, and read each dog’s story.

Those who are interested to adopt one of its Akitas have to complete the adoption application. This will be followed by a home visit, a conversation with the vet and a reference check. The home visit is conducted to guarantee that prospective owners have a dog friendly home and a safe fenced area. Each dog has an adoption fee, which differs based on the age of the Akita, training degree and any special needs.

Support the Blue Moon Akita Rescue through grooming and walk the dog services, as well as by sponsoring a dog or donating food, dog snacks and treats.

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