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The volunteers for the Outdoor Colorado Program are committed to serve for the protection and perseverance of the natural resources in the state of Colorado. Volunteers from all age groups and backgrounds can join the program if they have a resolve to protect the natural resources of their state. The volunteers will be doing fun activities throughout several beautiful places in Colorado like planting trees, constructing trails, and even restoring historic forest service buildings.

There is a bunch of activities that you can do with the organization and serve the natural beauty of your state. Youth are highly encouraged to apply for the volunteer program and earn stewardship. The youth can learn more about their environment and participate in outdoor challenges with the organization. Kids from 14 to 18 can join the volunteer program.

The Cairn Youth Program awards the participating youth with different environmental challenges and tasks that help them in understanding the natural environment of their state. The tasks serve a great deal in the preservation of the natural resources. The participations do rock climbing, snow shoeing, and learn camping skills. The Cairn Youth Program is fun and interesting learning experience for the young. A few projects of the Outdoor Colorado are planned within the city; others are at the outskirts of town and in the mountains.

You don’t need any prior experience to take part in the volunteer program. All you need is a keen interest in environmental issues and natural resources. The projects vary in tasks and some projects may be physically more demanding like climbing, digging and hiking and working at higher altitudes. Some projects may end on the same day; others may last for few months or even longer. You can log on to the website and search for projects you might be interested in. After selecting the project you can apply for the volunteer program online.

You can also donate for the Outdoor Colorado Program if you are unable to volunteer for it. By donating for the organization you will be supporting the cause of preserving your state’s natural beauty. More and more youth will be encouraged to go outside and participate in healthy activities.

Each penny you donate will be spent on more than 2,500 volunteers who take part each year in the program. You can also donate a car or other vehicle, no matter what condition it is in. More then 25% of the VOC funding comes from the corporate donor sector, which is a good sign.

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