Top 3 Weather Problems in Colorado

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Although major natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes aren’t likely to happen in Denver, there are some weather elements that do cause excessive problems. Denver certainly has its fair share of weather-related deaths and damages. However, Denver is lucky enough to be located where widespread natural disasters that devastate the entire community are very unlikely to happen. Monsoons aren’t likely to happen anytime soon!


Here are the top 3 weather problems in the state of Colorado:


  1. Hail. According to insurance companies, hail storms cause the highest amount of claims to be filed in relation to weather-related damage in Colorado. The most costly hail storm in recent history happened on July 11, 1990 and resulted in $626 million worth of damage.

Hail season in Colorado runs from March through October with the height of its damage usually occurring in the summer months. Hail has been known to fall at dangerous speeds of 100 mph or more! Car and roof damage are extensive when this happens.

  1. Tornadoes. Even though Colorado is technically not located in the heart of Tornado Alley (although a portion of Eastern Colorado skims the edge of it) there are consistently a moderately high number of damaging tornadoes that occur each year in Denver and along the Eastern plains. Colorado ranks 9th in the country for frequency of tornadoes and the number of tornadoes spotted seem to increase with each passing year.
  2. Blizzards. Debilitating blizzards are not a constant occurrence in Colorado (most snow falls and melts within 24 hours), but every so often “the big one” does slow things down. Blizzards can cause cars to get stuck or crash into each other, close down schools and government buildings, clog up freeways, and cause overall disorder and inconveniences for everyday life. Occasionally, such as in 2003, a blizzard will be so bad that absolutely everything is closed down – even supermarkets, gas stations, and other major businesses. Blizzards can many car accidents as well as personal accidents involving slipping and falling on the ice.


Colorado may not be at a great risk for natural disasters like typhoons, earthquakes, hurricanes, or mudslides, but the previously mentioned 3 forces of nature are enough to provide residents with ample damage each year. The occasional wild fire or avalanche can cause problems in Colorado as well, but these are not nearly as damaging as hail, tornadoes, and blizzards.

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