The Top Five Summer Sports in Colorado

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If you are an outdoors person, looking for a great vacation spot or someone that has just moved there, then Colorado is the place to be.  The mountains offer an endless possibility of outdoor sports, from the novice to the expert.  You can enjoy a nice quite horseback ride into the mountains, go for a walk, and much more.  Here are the top five summer sports that vacationers and the people of Colorado enjoy.



There are many biking trails to enjoy for beginners to experts.  You can ride in loops, a bike trail out and back, easy, moderate, difficult, and even one that has a 4000 foot climb, which is called Pikes Peak.  Pikes Pike is a 13 mile round trip that most figure will realistically take six hours to complete. It is a physically brutal ride in which elevation goes from 6,200 feet to 10,200 feet.  What makes it so brutal are the log steps at the switchback corners, rocky conditions higher up, and loose gravel that can cover the trail.

Hiking: You can go hiking in the State Parks, National Park, or a National Forest.  There are hundreds of trails for a short family excursion up to hiking trails that will give you an endurance work-over.    There are even backpacking trips for those of you who are hiking enthusiasts.

Marathon Training and Running: If you enjoy running and are thinking about entering a marathon, there are several marathon training facilities in the Colorado area.  Boulder is the ideal location for marathon and altitude training.  There are many trails that are used for hiking and biking that can be used for runners.  There is nothing like running on a mountain trail early in the morning or early evening.  If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of some mountain wildlife.

White Water Rafting: Being called the “Whitewater Capital of the World” Colorado offers scenic float trips for families to Class 5 rapids for adrenaline junkies.  Many of the companies offer whitewater rafting trips for full days, half days, or short raft trips.  One of the rivers that you can go whitewater rafting on is the Arkansas River.  You can choose your own speed, from drifting lazily along a calm waterway to getting soaked by rapids.  Make sure that you book your trips early.

Camping: Most of the places to camp are located in the state’s vast National Forest land.  Golden Gate Canyon’s 14,000 acres contain many places to camp within dense forests, aspen-filled meadows, and rocky peaks. You can rough it by going camping using your tent.  For those that prefer “the comforts of home” when camping, you can rent a cabin, or go camping using your RV or travel trailer.

The great outdoors of Colorado await you!

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