Snowshoeing in Colorado

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If you have never gone snowshoeing in Colorado, this year is the best time to try it out. Not only is snowshoeing a fun experience but it is also the best way to experience the backcountry in Colorado. It is an exciting alternative to hiking in the winter as snowshoes will give you the ability to stand and travel easier when the Denver weather calls for lots of snow.

Contrary to popular opinion, snowshoeing is not strapping tennis racquets to your feet and marching around in the snow. There are well made snowshoes these days that you can rent from ski rental shops or local REI’s in Denver. It is important to snowshoe when there is at least six inches of snow off the ground or else it will damage your snowshoes and hurt joints.

Some of the best snowshoeing in Colorado and relatively close to Denver according to are:

  1. Silver Dollar Lake, Georgetown, CO, 4 miles
  2. Brainard Lake, Ward, CO, 5.4 miles
  3. Rainbow Lakes, Nederland, CO, 2 miles
  4. Lost Lake, Nederland, CO, 6 miles
  5. Arapahoe Glacier Trail, Nederland, CO, 5 miles
  6. Jones Pass Trail, Winter Park, CO, 3.5 miles
  7. Chinns Lake, Idaho Springs, CO, 7.4 miles
  8. Saint Marys Glacier and James Peak, Lawson, CO, 7.5 miles
  9. Rampart Reservoir, Colorado Springs, CO, 11.6 miles
  10. Allenspark Trail and Finch Lake, Estes Park, CO, 7 miles

If you don’t feel like traveling to the Colorado Rockies to partake in some snowshoeing, you can always hit up your local parks and open spaces to try it out.

Wear water resistant shoes, hats and gloves. Dress in layers as you will get hot.

Be sure to bring a lunch and plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Snowshoeing is a great cardio activity that will need reenergizing and it is harder to realize when you are thirsty during the winter since people are less likely to sweat. Also bring a cell phone in case of an emergency and notify friends or family of where you will be snowshoeing and when you should be back.

Many people bring their dogs along with them while snowshoeing in Colorado, so if you have a pooch that loves running in the snow, don’t forget them. When the weather hits below 32 degrees, dog paws are more sensitive to cold and will likely freeze, so be sure to put on dog booties and bring water and treats for your dog too.

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