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REI, standing for Recreation Equipment Incorporated, is one of the largest retail chains in the United States selling recreational outdoor gear, from mountaineering equipment and kayaking to biking and snowboarding. REI is a cooperative company, meaning that the customers own a part the corporation, and it was established in 1938 in Seattle, Washington. Everybody can become a member of the cooperative, by paying a one-time membership fee. Nevertheless, REI offers its products and services to the general public, and not only to its members.

As one of the oldest and most prestigious outdoor equipment retailers, REI has dozens of stores across the country. REI also has two flagship stores, and one of them is located in Denver. The Denver REI store is located in the Tramway building, a restored historic construction dating from 1901.

Outdoor enthusiasts can purchase a wide range of recreational equipment from the REI Denver flagship store, both from REI’s own brands – REI and Novara, and from other top equipment producers. REI’s philosophy promotes value and durability as the main assets of the products sold in REI’s stores, and the Denver REI makes no exception. If you want to prepare for the amazing ski slopes of the Front Range, a trip to the Denver REI will get you the best snowboarding and skiing equipment. Do you want to ride across the scenic byways nearby Denver, or ride up Mount Evans or Pikes? Again, the REI store in Denver is the place to come.

However, the REI flagship store is more than a simple shop. Besides quality outdoor equipment, the Denver store offers many services for outdoor lovers. You can tune your snowboard or skis, make customization to your gear, or even repair your snow equipment. At the bicycle shop, you can repair your bike, make adjustments to improve your riding or even get a custom bike built just for you. If you need outdoor recreational equipment for occasional use, but can’t afford the investment, you can rent some gear from the Denver REI store. The Denver REI is truly an all-in-one solution for your outdoor equipment needs.

REI reaches out to its members and to the entire community, by regularly organizing outdoor courses and training sessions. You can join an introductory class on bike maintenance or set on a full-on climbing training course. No matter your needs and preferences, if you need outdoor equipment and services, there’s a solid chance that you will find them at the Denver REI flagship store.

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