Lory State Park

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Lory State Park is the place where one can enjoy beautiful scenery by mountain biking or hiking. The horseback riding is also famous here. If you walk for few minutes after reaching the Fort Collins, it is possible to enjoy the scenery of the foothills as well. One can also see the beauty of Horsetooth Reservoir from Lory State Park.

If you want to be in the foothills, on a hilltop spot or in the midst of valleys, then Lory State Park is the place for you where you can enjoy nature’s beauty at its best. If you like trail biking or hiking, then Lory State Park offers a long trail close to 26 miles in length. Lory State Park has trails that are suitable for people who want the long as well as the short trails.

Lory State Park also offers a private place near Fort Collins. Those who want a quiet place to enjoy the beauty can choose to be in the backcountry camping. The Lory State Park trails can lead to Horsetooth Reservoir. You can enjoy boat riding at this place with canoes, kayaks, and rafts. The site http://www.parks.state.co.us/parks/lory/Pages/LoryStatePark.aspx, provides more information on the activities of the park, the trails, the picnic spots, different facilities that are available, maps and directions to reach Lory State Park. There are also volunteer opportunities at Lory State Park.

There is a photo gallery as well. Many people are also arranging conferences and meetings at Lory State Park. Small meetings can be arranged here. There is a visitor’s center in Lory State Park where the meetings can be arranged or they can take place on the grounds. Even some weddings and triathlons have been arranged in the picnic spots. If you need access to the trail system by bicycle or just by walking, you must obtain a pass from Lory State Park.

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