Colorado – The Sunshine State

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When the phrase “Sunshine State” is mentioned, most people automatically think of Florida. Colorado is probably the last state that comes to mind because most who have never been to Colorado think it is winter year around. However, here are some little known facts to support that Colorado is indeed the Sunshine State:


  • Colorado experiences sunshine during 69% of daylight hours. Thus, over half the time, Coloradoans are basking in the sun – maybe more than those who live in beachgoer states like Florida and California.
  • There are over 3100 hours of sunshine each year in Colorado, which equates to 300+ days out of a year.
  • Because the sun’s UVA/UVB rays are so intense in Colorado, regular application of sunscreen to exposed areas of the skin is essential in reducing the risk of skin cancer. Sunglasses are a must as well.
  • Denver, The Mile High City, is “closer” to the sun than most other US cities and, thus, the sun is extra intense. In combination with the dry air, the sun is ultra intense in Denver and has an extreme impact on skin health.


So what exactly does a “day of sunshine” mean? There are several definitions for this. Some say it means days where the sun comes out for at least an hour during daylight hours. Some say it means days when the sky cover is 30% or less.


Despite the fact that Colorado is a land locked state and has no ocean or natural beaches, the sunshine exceeds that of popular beach resort states.

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