Denver Non-Profit a Pioneer in Animal Nutrition and Care

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The Morris Animal Foundation is a Denver-based non-profit that was established in 1948 by Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr., a veterinarian, humanitarian and animal health pioneer who was an innovator and leader in addressing animal health and welfare. Morris puts Colorado on the spot for being the first to treat animal diseases from a nutritional standpoint.

His story began in Denver when a client’s guide dog, Buddy, developed kidney failure. Dr. Morris created a food formula for Buddy that dramatically improved his condition and health. He and his wife began canning this formula at home for other pets and soon partnered with Hill’s Pet Nutrition Prescription Diet, more popularly known as Science Diet, to meet demands.

From there, the Morris Animal Foundation was born. The Foundation was the first of two studies that focused on dog and cat nutrition and the effects it takes on their well-being. Today, this Denver non-profit has helped fund more than 1,600 humane animal health studies and supports 200 animal health and welfare research studies spanning more than just domestic pets but wildlife too.

In recent Denver news in response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a spawn of the Morris Animal Foundation, the Betty White Wildlife Rapid Response Fund declared that Betty White would be matching all donations up to $25,000 in order to help animals that were victims to the oil spill. Any donations can be made at

Other non-profits that developed from the Morris Animal Foundation are the Canine Cancer Campaign, Happy Healthy Cat Campaign and Equine Health Initiative.

Currently, the Foundation estimates that 50 percent of dogs will develop cancer in their lives and half will die from it. The chances of developing cancer will vary from breed to breed as well as linear heritage. Golden Retrievers, one of America’s favorite breeds have a 60% chance of dying from cancer, which is why most pet insurance companies will not cover cancer costs in Goldens.

Make sure that you talk to your vet about the best nutritional strategy to take when it comes to your pets, including treats and exercise. All too often people neglect this importance and like humans, most poor nutritional habits lead to long-term consequences.

Visit the Morris Animal Foundation for more information on pet care and how you can help.

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