Denver Animal Protection

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It is clear that Denver, Colorado cares about nature  – especially animals. From various zoos and natural gardens to other animal sanctuaries, the city and its organizations are taking really huge steps to protect animals and provide them with shelters that imitate a natural habitat. There are dozens if not hundreds of organizations that provide care and protection to animals in general. The State of Colorado is also working on breed rescue, where they concentrate on a specific breed of animals and take care of it.

Animal shelters receive thousands and thousands of unwanted and abandoned animals. Many Denver shelters are struggling to provide the proper home and food to these animals. These shelters are also considered as top contributors to other shelters in the US. Many of them have suffered from adopters returning animals because of their behavior. This is why most shelters have made classes to educate and help adopters in dealing with their animal’s behavior as well as learning how to take care of them properly.

Some of these Denver’s shelters are:

  • 9 Lives Rescue: This shelter is located in Colorado Springs and it provides shelter for pets awaiting adoption. This place also provides spraying and neutering of pets, as this plays a major role from reducing the number of unwanted pets and also prevents many deadly diseases.
  • Colorado Horse Rescue: This non-profit organization provides shelter, care, and rehabilitation and adoption services for unwanted horses. This organization also provides community resources, counseling, and information and is getting funds from individual donations and corporate sponsorships.
  • The Colorado Human Society & SPCA: This society actually assists the Colorado Bureau of Animal Protection in dealing with animal abuse. Their primary mission is to prevent cruelty and neglect of animals. In addition, they provide counseling services to many individuals and agencies. Educating people on animal welfare is also an important part of their job.

There are hundreds of other Denver’s animal care and rescue organizations out there. Every one of them is trying to provide shelter and food to unwanted and abused animals. Recently, the HSUS “The Human Society of the United States” has released its Human State Ranking for 2010, which is a report that contains the ranking of 50 states according to their contribution to animal protection. Colorado has come 5th in this report, which demonstrates the valiant efforts taken by Colorado.

Recently, 25 circus lions were brought to Denver, Colorado after a rescue operation done by Animal Defender International and the Bolivian authorities. This came after the law signed by the Bolivian President, which banned the use of domestic and wild animals in the country’s traveling circuses. The lions are to be transported just outside Denver in their new home at Wild Animal Sanctuary.

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