Colorado Horse Rescue

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The Colorado Horse Rescue is a non-profit volunteer organization that is meant to provide shelter, care, adaptation and others services for horses. The Colorado Horse Rescue Program is facilitated by donations from different organizations and individuals. Lost, abandoned and neglected horses are taken care of at the Colorado Horse Rescue. The organization also provides community awareness against abuse and mistreatment of horses. There are many corporate organizations and professionals who regularly donate to the facility. The facility also has a visitor’s center where people can look for horses and apply for adoption.

The Colorado Horse Rescue Committee houses more then 1500 horses in its facility since 1986. You can find rideable and non-rideable horses in the facility. Horses of different breeds, sizes and ages are available for adoption. The horses are kept with love and care and are provided with healthcare services. There are many rideable horses available for adoption at the facility and you can search for them online or visit the facility yourself. There are other horses that are not available for riding purposes due to age or health issues, but can be adopted as a companion horse. You can also find horses that are not yet ready for riding purposes and require further training for that purpose.

The adoption fee varies for different kinds of horses. If you are interested in horse adoption from Colorado Horse Rescue, you need to fill out an online adoption application form and mail it to their address. After the application has had been processed, the committee will look for potential horses. You will have to make appointments with the committee and later on allow a site visit to your place where you will keep the horse. Once the place has had been approved for horse keeping, the horse is sent home to the adopter and after 3 or 6 months the committee members will check in if everything is going well. Finally you will be the owner of the horse after that final inspection.

You will have a better chance of adopting from the committee if you are already keeping horses. The adoption fee is not that expensive, but a horse adoption is a lifetime financial commitment, as the horses require more care and necessary attributes than any other animals or pets.

You can also volunteer for the organization to support the cause. As a volunteer you will be doing a lot of chores and taking care of the horses. You can also make donations to the Colorado Horse Rescue.

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