Adopt Your New Best Friend from the Denver Municipal Animal Shelter

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Do you want to adopt a dog or cat in Denver? The Denver Municipal Animal Shelter (DMAS) is located at 678 S. Jason Street, Denver, CO 80223 and can be reached by phone at 303-698-0076. The new shelter scheduled to open in 2011 will be located at 1241 W. Bayaud Ave in Denver. Adoption hours are Monday – Friday 11am-6pm and on Saturdays 11am-4:30pm.


Adoption fees are as follows:


  • $150 for puppies 8 weeks – 1 year
  • $130 for adult dogs 1 – 6 years
  • $95 for senior dogs over 6 years
  • $95 for kittens 8 weeks – 5 months
  • $87 for adult cats 5 weeks – 6 years
  • $60 for senior cats over 6 years
  • Fees vary for other types of animal (contact DMAS for fees)


Fees may be paid with cash, personal check, Visa, or MasterCard. A driver’s license or I.D. with your current address is required for adoption.


DMAS has lots of cute and lovable dogs and cats up for adoption. You can view their website or Facebook page for photos and information on available animals.


The adoption process is fairly simple, but a few rules must be adhered to before you can take your new pet home. Here are the rules:


  • If your new pet has already been spayed or neutered, he or she may be taken home at the time of adoption.
  • If he or she has not been spayed or neutered, DMAS will hold your pet and a spay/neuter appointment will be made at a nearby animal hospital. You will receive the time and date of your pet’s surgery and you may pick up him or her immediately following the surgery.
  • If your pet becomes ill before the date of surgery, you must pick up your pet and pay a $100 deposit. The deposit is refundable once proof is shown that the animal has been spayed or neutered within 30 days of the deposit.
  • If your pet is still not well after 30 days, you will have to contact the DMAS Adoption Coordinator to file for a spay/neuter extension. Extensions are given if DMAS can be presented with written proof from a veterinarian that the animal is too sick to undergo the surgery.
  • To receive a refund on your deposit, proof must be presented of the pet’s spay/neuter surgery. DMAS will contact you to provide this proof.


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