Adopt an Animal at the Denver Zoo

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The earth is wonderfully made. All its creatures, big and small, are making their contributions to make this planet different from the rest. We see mammals, reptiles, birds, plants, invertebrates, and fish around us. We even raise animals in our homes and grow plants in our gardens. All of this because we want to be close to nature.

Some animals, especially those in the wild, cannot be tamed like the way we want them to be. Other animals are very sensitive, easily harmed. They need special care and attention. In line with that, zoos all over the world are designed to take care of these animals, not just for the sake of fun and pleasure, but for life’s preservation in general. Many animal species that existed during our prehistoric era are now seen as mere illustrations in books. Today, we have many species that are on the brink of extinction. We have to act now before it is too late.

The Denver Zoo has many programs that are intended to promote preservation of these wild animals, especially those that are considered as endangered species. Your trip to the zoo will be very memorable, fun, and educational. You will learn how animals act and communicate. You will see how their existence benefits each one of us. Like a child that needs parental care, these animals need it too. They have the right to live and grow in an environment where they are safe.

One way of giving your support for the zoo’s agenda is by adopting an animal. The proceeds will support all the programs of the Denver Zoo, maintenance of the facilities, and food for the animals. Are you planning to reward yourself or surprise your loved ones? The Denver Zoo offers an Adopt an Animal Special this holiday season. For $59.00, you will have the opportunity to adopt a baby orangutan or a tiger cub!

Interestingly, there is no need to take the animal home. The professional zoo keepers will take care of them for you. The $59.00 package includes a certificate of your contribution and an information sheet about the animal you choose. Also included in the package is an 8 ½ x 11-inch photo of the chosen animal, and a full-size adult orangutan or tiger footprint, plus 10½-inch plush orangutan or 6-inch plush tiger.

Your contribution means life for these animals. Let us help maintain the balance in our ecosystem. Let us support the Denver Zoo in fulfilling its mission –making this a better world for animals!

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