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Accredited by the American Camp Association, Altogether Outdoors (AO) offers day and sleep away camps that help kids build connection with their friends, counselors and the nature. AO takes pride in its camps featuring highly skilled staff and offering great memories. All its camps also feature no-cost transportation, scholarships and discounts.

As a camp professional, AO understands the value of camp experience, enriching a child throughout the summer season and promoting success for the rest of the year. It is a convenient approach for kids to spend summer. This comprehensive, nature-based experience offers high quality, purposely designed programs guided by qualified and trained staff. It aims to provide a fun and challenging environment where campers can explore, play, learn and connect with others.

Altogether Outdoors offers two programs in Denver – the Explorers, currently based in Stapleton; and the Denver Junior for 4 to 6 (Pre-K and K). Under the Explorers session, six to 11-year-old kids enjoy exploring the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Eldorado Canyon and Cherry Creek Mountain Arsenal. This two-week session caters to small groups allowing close friendships and connections and learning.

Altogether Outdoors also offers a sleep away camp experience for seven to sixteen years old. Based in the Collegiate Peaks of the Rockies, the AO Silver Cliff Ranch takes pride in its natural features and spectacular views, offering campers many opportunities for fun, adventure and friendship.

Altogether Outdoors has four programs in Boulder. The Boulder Junior is a one-week session where campers enjoy meeting new friends and connecting with counselors and the nature. Young campers are almost always outside, making trips to Spruce Pool, State Parks and OSMP. This program includes teambuilding, fishing, hiking, stories, camp songs and crafts. Intended for kids age 4.5 to six years old, this session runs weekdays from May 31 to August 12.

Offered for seven to 11-year-olds who have completed the first year, the Eldorado Canyon is a two-week session where Cabin Groups choose much of their daily schedule from a list of activities appropriate for their age, such as teambuilding, swimming, music, crafts, kite flying, climbing and hiking.

The Intro to Backpacking is ideal for kids age 11 to 14 years old. An introduction to the fundamentals of outdoor skills, this backpacking program allows campers to enjoy being part of a team and support each other in challenges during a three-day back country trip.  The trips are led by camp counselors who have backgrounds in child development, guiding the kids as they explore the Front Range Wilderness Areas and do hiking, navigation, camp cooking, music and crafts.

The Junior Leaders is designed for 12-14 year-old children for training and up to 16 years old for experience. This involves two-week leadership training and one week leadership opportunities along with counselors with its 4.5 to 6-year old junior campers.

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