Young Non-Profit Professionals Network

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Young Non-Profit Professionals Network (YNPN) is a 501 (c) grassroots not-for-profit organization that supports and engages future leaders through networking, social opportunities and professional development. It develops and connects leaders to leverage its collective strengths. Currently, YNPN is a growing community with over 2,300 members.

Since its foundation in San Francisco in 1997, the National YNPN association has expanded into four other locations, with the city of Denver becoming one of its founding chapters after seven years. Since then, its national network has expanded to over 30,000 members with more than 35 chapters across the United States.

Nearly all of the YNPN’s work has been successfully accomplished through volunteers’ efforts and in partnership with several community partners. As a movement of over 20,000 not-for-profit professionals all over the country, YNPN is positioned to test recommendations on how the nonprofit sector can meet leadership challenges. YNPN effectively serves as a place for professional development, networking and support for professionals to become leaders in the nonprofit sector.

To better provide infrastructure for local chapters throughout the US and serve the thriving national network, YNPN National was incorporated in 2004 as a national, independent 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, aiming to provide resources and support for local networks through advocacy activities, leadership development and networking. YNPN chapters rapidly surfaced throughout the country, and currently there are 22 YNPN chapters that represent about 15,000 young not-for-profit professionals who are working in various capacities. It aims to develop and grow the YNPN movement across the country, focusing on building local chapter capacity and leadership and developing a national and unified voice for early career professionals. The national organization is overseen by a board of directors made up of YNPN chapter representatives and leaders dedicated at transforming the nonprofit sector into a vibrant, viable and sustainable place to work.

YNPN Denver offers several benefits and programs to meet the needs of its members. All members have access to every feature of its website, free YNPN activities, YNPN listserv, as well as opportunities to build their career and professional network.

Every year, it offers a series of sessions on various topics, providing members a chance to learn essential skills related to leadership and management in a setting that encourages networking and relationship building. YNPN Denver also hosts networking events, which consist of a professional development component, and opportunities for relationship building and networking with not-for-profit peers.

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