The Bug Theatre

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The Bug Theatre is a performance and arts center located north of downtown Denver. It is run by the Bug Performance and Media Arts Center (BPMAC), which aims to serve Denver by facilitating the presentation and development of varied cultural and arts programming. This not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization seeks to promote a supportive group of artists in the city by providing a chance for the development of dynamic programming, diverse audience and unique voices. It believes that the driving force behind all production is the spirit of artistry, the power of shared artistic experience and the integrity of creative individuals.

Originally constructed as a nickelodeon movie house in 1912, the theater managed to survive several incarnations and over 25 years of dormancy. In 1994, the building was renovated by local artists Reed Weimer and Chandler Romeo. While it was recognized as a significant alternative arts center in Denver, it struggled financially. In 1998, Alex Weimer and Donna Morrison became the Technical Director and Artistic Director, respectively, and they established the resident Bug Theatre Company (BTC). The organization grew, gained financial stability and earned critical acclaim.

The Bug Theater is an end-stage theater with 150 permanent seats, while added chairs will increase its capacity to approximately 179. It is available for rent at affordable rates for single and long-term events. The Bug Theater works hard to make all its shows affordable to everyone.

Since 2002, the Emerging Filmmakers Project (EFP) has been showcasing locally produced documentaries and movies. It serves as an ideal place for meeting and networking with filmmakers, writers, actors and other talented people working behind the camera.

The most distinct entertainment experience in Denver is the Freak Train, which is held during the last Monday of each month. Hosted by GerRee Henshaw, it showcases area performances – rank amateurs and seasoned professionals – as they “own” the stage for five minutes.

Bug Theater is also offering a free two-hour workshop, where actors gain control and comfort with the space and silence of “being in the moment” and discover how “less is more” on films. This six-week class also offers Acting for the Camera workshop, which is ideal for those who want to take the first step to acting, as well as experienced stage performers seeking to discover how to deliver fantastic moments on the screen. Other workshops include Film Acting Weekend Boot Camp, Kids and Teens – Acting for the Camera, and Sunday Morning Screenwriting Workshop.

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