Mile High United Way

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One of the most popular non-profit organizations who drive the people of Denver to achieve their goals through education, career and many more is the Mile high United Highway. It supplies peple with the expert resource needed to achieve these goals. The organization serves the homeless and provides extensive resources for students and scholarships for hardworking adults.

The mission was started in 1887 by a woman and five clergymen who funded charities to the needy. Serving the nation from 120 years, it has gone as far as generating $5 billion for addressing America’s most critical issues. The code of ethics of the organization goes beyond the compliance with the law that makes the United Way a steward of public trust.

The mission of the organization is to create a positive everlasting change through a trusted bond. This is in accordance that every person has the right to lead a dignified, socialistic, and democratic life. It combines strength from 40,000 donors, 800 local businesses, and 100 non-profit partners to achieve the desired solace for problems in the society that cannot be solved by individuals. The 3 spheres at which the organizations take part are:

  • School readiness initiative: Every year thousands of families are given the support to give their children quality higher education without concern over finance. The teachers are trained to improve the quality of education.
  • Youth successive initiative: The Mile High United Way gives tutoring and guidance to the right career through after school programs and gang and violence intervention programs.
  • Adult self-sufficiency initiative: Supports the adults of the society for job training, workforce development, financial education, saving programs and services with those who experience homelessness.

The contributions run in Denver and help are extended all across Adams, Arapahoe, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson Counties. Donations can be offered by the public to the Mile High United Way. More than 85% of the donations are put into programs and events which offer generosity to the needy and help them lead better lives. Donations to the organization from the public are accepted through check or credit and debit cards. The organization has a special research and development section which is under constant innovation to create everlasting changes in the society through fostering strong relations with the community. This is in vision of developing a sustainable community hoping for better life to all individuals without a bias on financial or physical impairments.

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