Mentors Matter Program

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Mentors Matter is a non-profit organization that works for young people’s development and personal growth. The youth in Boulder County who require assistance from an adult role model other then their parents can take part in the Mentors Matter program. Mentoring is all about gaining trust of a young individual and guiding them with different issues which young kids from 5 to 17 encounter. Anyone can volunteer for the mentoring program and serve the problematic youth.

The group or individual sessions are held at flexible schedules so you can adjust accordingly with your busy schedule. Young people and children require assistance, support and encouragement to move ahead in life and contribute to the society. Due to lack of assistance from parents or other problems, youth can be misinformed and delusional about their future.

A lot of problems that occur in a youth‘s life arise due to lack of proper guidance. The Mentors Matter is not a therapy program or a typical counseling program; the mentors will be your friend and will be there for you. The mentors at Mentors Matter assist the young people by focusing more on their studies and goals. The mentors enable them to change their attitude towards, life, parents and peers. The mentors also advise the young people to choose the right career path and enable them to face daily life challenges.

The Mentors Matter Program has a collaboration with the ‘I Have a Dream’ Foundation which serves the low income youth and provides them with financial assistance from elementary to the high school level.

The mentors need to spend at least 4 hours a month for at least 1 year with the at risk youth. The Girl’s Empowerment Program is another collaboration of the Mentors Matter Program, which aims to empower girls and eliminate racism. The girls attending the program range from ages 8 to 18. The girls are taught necessary skills to excel in life.

Anyone from any walk of life can volunteer for the Mentors Matter Program if they have a will to serve the community. You will also have a good time by doing fun activities with kids. You can explore new social contacts and enhance your own personal skills. You can also attend volunteer training sessions and meetings. By participating in volunteer work you can always give back to the community and serve the people who need a role model and guidance.


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