Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund

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Founded in 2008, the Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund was created to preserve the historic Governor’s Residence at the Boettcher Mansion.  It is being preserved to create meaningful activities for all the residents of Colorado, past and present.  They also want to leave a legacy for the generations to come.

The Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund is a non-profit corporation.  Their mission is to provide cultural and educational programs from the Residence that are statewide inclusive.

The reason that they need this Preservation Fund is that even though the Residence is state-owned, the state tax dollars only cover the safety and health repairs but there is not a state budget for the long-term preservation.

In past years, the shoulders of Colorado’s First Ladies felt the burden of the work of preserving the Governor’s residence.  They had to raise funds and advocate for the magnificent Residences.  Former First Lady Frances Owens raised millions of dollars in private funds.  They were used to save the Carriage House from demolition and to restore the home’s gardens and interior.

The Governor’s Residence Preservation Fund was the brain child of former First Lady Jeannie Ritter.  She saw the need for a “friends of” nonprofit organization to assume this role – so the Preservation Fund was started.

The Governor’s Residence at the Boettcher Mansion offers its visitors the opportunity to experience the legacies of Colorado’s contemporary and historic leaders.  The Residence is a unique setting in which they can share Colorado’s history plus showcase the state’s diverse cultural legacy. The Residence has opened its doors to mutigenerational visitors.  It also offers year-round programs and events.

Students that visit the Governor’s Residence have a chance to learn what they can do to affect Colorado’s present and future.  It gives visitors a powerful place to explore and participate in history as it is being made.

Many residents of Colorado refer to it as “Colorado’s White House” or “Colorado’s Home.”  The Residence welcomes visitors to their public programs and events.  These can include Mondays at the Mansion, Holiday Tours, Free Family Days, and History Colorado Docent led Tours. They try to offer public programs at least one time a month with the exception of January.   When you visit the Governor’s Residence, you will find free parking at the Governor’s Resident Lot.

Over 35,000 public visitors have visited the Governor’s Residence since 2008.  Some of them have never visited the Residence before while others have been there many times.

When you are on vacation in Denver, make this a one of your sight seeing spots.  You will learn about Colorado’s culture, history, art, and heritage. Their programs have the input of Colorado’s talented historians, artists, and leaders.   Make sure you stop by the Governor’s Residence for a lesson in Colorado history.

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