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The Denver YMCA was established in 1875 as an autonomous, non-profit organization and has made a positive effect on Denver youth throughout the years. Denver’s YMCA has provided immense service to the kids’ growth and well being by organizing quality programs like swimming, youth sports and summer camps apart from core education. All these help in promoting quality life, good health, strong bonding, and communication improvement. It respects all religions and does not lay any restriction or discrimination against any race, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity. It trains over 50,000 students per year. It promotes community building by programs like family-to-family relationships and also community development among individuals and NGO groups. It puts emphasis on values like caring, honesty, responsibility, respect for elders, consideration of other’s feelings, and helps to put forth the Christian principles into practice to prepare a healthy body, mind, and soul.

Statistics show that 60% of people have become obese in the US in the past ten years and that at least 50% of the population does not exercise regularly. The United States spends $117 billion yearly on health issues like obesity and treating those related to obesity such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. These scary statistics have made the organization to take matters into their own hands by stressing the need of the hour: proper health care, healthy eating, and adequate exercise.

For more than 75 years, the organization has been teaching the youth as well as adults to swim safely, to do first aid or CPR and guide on how to become a lifeguard. The Denver facility has four indoor swimming pools. It has been providing excellent childcare with the help of well trained staff and has three programs for the parents to choose from – before and after school, early childhood education (for kids up to 5 years) and the drop-off child care.

The benefits of joining as a member in Denver YMCA are as follows: one can enjoy the fitness equipment and interactive trainers, receive a personal health orientation, attend yoga classes, participate in a kids, family, or teen night out, attend swimming classes, participate in youth sports programs, and engage in group exercise. The Denver YMCA also organizes the Rocky Mountain Adventure Guides Program in August-June and the Adventure Princess and Maidens Program for parents to spend time with their children to create a stronger bond.

Projects undertaken by the YMCA have included a book drive (books are sent to Tanzania), provide donations for children cleft palate surgery, provide sports amenities to South Africa, arrange an educational trip to Mexico, donate money for school uniforms for kids in El Salvador and Nicaragua, and much more. The special program organized for students’ education (sixth to eighth grade) is the YMCA Project Involvement. The mission of this program is to increase the number of high achieving students and to inculcate positive values and the motivation to learn in students. They organize many community outreach programs, health courses, substance abuse prevention courses, and summer camps. Thus, the Denver YMCA helps in creating healthier kids, stronger relationships, and a better community.

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