Denver Shared Spaces Project

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The Denver Shared Spaces Project (DSSP) is a collaboration aiming at connecting non-profit organizations through real estate. The aim of the organization is to help these non-profits excel in their business. The DSSP provides the platform to learn from others in the community either by working or studying others’ work. The DSSP is a combined effort by the Three Pioneers Denver Office of Strategic Plans, Urban Land Conservancy and Piton Foundation. All the three firms work for liaison between the non-profit organizations in different sectors like urban communities and to provide opportunities for children and families to shift from poverty to self-reliance. The principle behind the organization is that the non-profits work from the back end by sharing collaborations with a number of counterparts to work more efficiently.

Specific goals of the organization can be summarized as:

1)     Create fine multitenant by the end of 2015.

2)     Develop resources to offer support to the nonprofits

3)     Enhance the community resources to realize the efficiency of non-profit organizations

4)     Create a well to do network that can work effectively, thriving towards success.

All the projects follow a set of features that were charted when the organization was started. These include:

1)     All properties will surround the county of Denver only.

2)     The tenants should have a social mission and should be business oriented.

3)     Centers should be at least 51% non-profit organizations.

4)     All centers are opened in a pact, which require the signing of a three year lease.

5)     Organizations can sublease up to 49% of their space to any trustworthy source.

6)     The goal to meet a minimum enterprise green community standard should be met by all organizations.

7)     There should be willingness in participation, financial assessment and budgeting, developmental plans and agreements for tenant interaction and collaboration.

8)     Office space, non-office space and shared resources need assessment by the collaboration.

All these have to be assessed and approved by DSSP before leasing the space to a non-profit firm. There are a number of consistent efforts that are undertaken to reach the mission of the organization. The latest include the Alliance Center, Denver Office of Cultural Center, Creative Space Agent, Family Justice Center, Green Spaces Denver, Phillips Center, Red Line Denver, Denver Foundation Technical Resource Center, 910 Arts Building, Clayton Early Learning, and Common Roots Shared  Space are all the current projects for which spaces are being looked after.

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