Colorado Springs Center for NonProfit Excellence

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Started in 1991, the Colorado Springs Center for NonProfit Excellence organization has been serving the Pikes Peak region with extensive training, educational services, resources, technical back-up, assistance in building partnerships and networking for all nonprofit organizations in the area. The committee extends its efforts to help all businesses from small organizations to large business sectors.

The organization boasts a number of occasions where the members are allowed to interact and understand the standards. There are questionnaire sessions, networking, and resource identification in such events which are scheduled weekly or monthly. A few of these include an HR meeting, development officers meetings, CEO breakfast, member brown bag and CFO connection. All these are held to increase collaboration among the members. Apart from these, there are even other recreations that keep the members busy. Other events include the Girl Scouts of Color, Kid Power Chocoholic, Wine and Food Pair, and much more. A few events that have official importance include:

1)     Nonprofit Day: On this day, which was held on March 4th this year, there were around 420 attendants, 7 workshops and 12 counseling sessions, 39 exhibitors and a lunch post event. A few sponsors included Wells Fargo insurance service, Wal-Mart, American National Bank, Black Baud and several others.

2)     Partners in Philanthropy is another event that cherishes the glory of an honorable event where gifts, donations and much more is given away. Four of the communities’ partners present at the event are Pikes Peak Funders Forum, Pikes Peak Community Foundation, Center for Nonprofit Excellence and Pikes Peak United Way.

3)     Pikes Peak region Volunteer Day is another event that thanks all those who volunteer and serve the community as well as save millions of dollars. The grandeur of the event and the awards are followed by a luncheon.

Events and awards are to accolade those who have been serving the community and organization.

In addition to this there are workshops which are conducted for all levels of the organization that cover topics on Board Rules and Responsibilities, developing the credentials and requirements through effective communication, planning for the mission success, evaluating the reports and the planning sessions. Every year these are maintained on a fixed agenda for all the members. They are all skills that explain the organization’s purpose, their vision, their developmental activities and the accolades they have received.

Members of the nonprofit organization have access to a wide variety of products and services that help in increasing the access of personal and professional developmental activities, and resource sharing and networking. There are a number of membership plans that range from monthly roundtables to job postings and more.

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