Colorado Reptile Humane Society

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Colorado Reptile Humane Society (CoRHS) is a federal 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of amphibians and reptile in the wild and in captivity through action and education. It is licensed by the Pet Animal Care Facilities Act of the State of Colorado as an animal shelter. CoRHS accomplishes its mission by providing the proper husbandry and shelter and securing permanent homes for animals entrusted to its care; taking part in conservation efforts both locally and worldwide; engaging in release and rehabilitation of native species; and providing captive care education to the public.

CoRHS receives animals weekly from owner and stray surrenders and transfer from municipal and private animal welfare organizations. Most of the animals it receives are not yet ready for adoption as many are dehydrated, underfed, injured or combination.

While it does not favor captive breeding of amphibians and reptiles for pet ownership, it acknowledges the need of captive breeding by biologists for the purpose of release. Pet trade amphibians and reptiles are genetically wild animals that live in captivity, which is the result of a breeding project or person who took them away from the wild.

CoRHS does not condemn herpetoculture enthusiasts who love these creatures. It only urges them to think carefully about the plight of captive amphibians and reptiles and their breeding decisions, as irresponsible breeding only intensifies the surplus of amphibians and reptiles in captivity.

The adoption process of CoRHS aims to match homeless animals with motivated owners who can provide them with their needs. The organization works with prospective owners to meet the essential requirements of an amphibian or a reptile, such as appropriate heat, nutritious food, lighting for the animal and low-stress environment. Potential owners only need some knowledge and a lot of motivation to provide the needs of the species they want to adopt. Adoption counselors are on hand to help potential owners choose the appropriate pet based on their time, resources and space.

Those interested to adopt an animal can take a look at the organization’s adoptable animals every first Saturday of the month. This spring, it also conducts box turtle care workshops, covering care, diet, housing, illnesses, hibernation and adopting turtles from the organization.

As a private, not-for-profit organization, CoRHS relies on the assistance of its hardworking and caring volunteers. It accepts cash and in-kind donations for special projects and the purchase of medicines, gasoline and veterinary care.

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