Colorado “I Have a Dream” Foundation

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This wonderful non-profit foundation is a long term school drop-out prevention program.  It is for all youth that live in a disadvantaged community within the Metro Denver area.

Some of the services that the Colorado “I Have a Dream” foundation offers are:

  • Mentoring
  • Homework help
  • Tutoring
  • Academic assistance with a one-on-one basis
  • College visits and prep activities
  • Life skills development
  • Community service learning projects
  • Event trips such as recreational, sporting events, and cultural trips

A New York philanthropist and Harlem native Eugene Lang was asked to speak at the graduation of his elementary alma mater.  When he was on his way to the ceremony, he found out that approximately 75% of these students would never graduate from high school.  Shocked by these alarming statistics he made an impromptu speech, pledging college tuition to each of the sixth graders who earned a high school diploma.  This pledge changed the lives of students everywhere for many years to come.  Now, over 25 years later, the statistics have gone from a 75% dropout rate to an astonishing 90% graduation rate.

In 1987 a gentleman by the name of Chris Romer heard Mr. Lang speak and was so inspired by this man’s story that he and other community leaders of Denver began a similar program in Denver, which also had a high drop-out rate for high schoolers.  Since its beginning, Colorado “I Have a Dream” Foundation has helped 550 Dreamers in eleven different classes.  In these 11 classes, 6 classes comprising of 361 youths have graduated high school.  The other 5 classes comprising of 189 youths are still in school.

The vision of the Colorado “I Have a Dream” Foundation is to have a 100% rate of graduating students in the Denver area.  Their mission is to help children from the low-income communities achieve their career and education goals.  They will provide to these children a 10 year program of mentoring, tutoring, academic assistance and tuition assistance if they want to future their education past high school.

This foundation is run by volunteers who give their time to be committed role models to serve as tutor, mentors, career mentors, and Dreamer Shadow Day hosts.

In addition to hosting events to help with the expenses, they also have a donation programs where you can help to with the expenses of this foundation.

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