Climbing Wall Association

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The Climbing Wall Association (CWA) is a non-profit association that is the voice for all types of climbing facilities.  Their mission is to support the development of the climbing wall industry.  In addition, the association wants to promote the sport of climbing and to advocate for their members.

The Climbing Walls Association has been providing valuable benefits, services and discounts to their members.  Their network includes the following:

  • Four hundred climbing gyms
  • College programs
  • Athletic clubs
  • Recreation facilities
  • Climbing wall and equipment manufactures
  • Media
  • Industry supporters

The Climbing Wall Association offers a wide variety of products and services to their members.  Some of these services include membership, publications, events, conferences, consulting, and training.  They also offer the only industry insurance program.  They also offer consensus standards for the operations of various climbing facilities.  The Climbing Wall Association will also provide training for the staff at the climbing facilities.  For member organizations they offer risk management consulting.  ClimbSmart is a public information campaign sponsored by the Climbing Wall Association.

The membership fee for the association is $300 per year and can be paid in monthly or quarterly payments.   For each additional location, it will only cost $50.  For the monthly or quarterly payments they add an extra $2.95.

Each year they hold The Climbing Wall Summit and it lasts for 4 days.  It is the only professional development conference in the climbing industry and is an international event.  At the conference they offer outstanding speakers, specific job training and education, workshops on how to manage your facility more effectively, product demonstrations, current information on tool, techniques, and important topics and much more.  At the conference on the first day you can attend full or half day workshops, participate in climbing activities and much more.

The standard setting organization for the manufactured climbing industry is the Climbing Wall Association.  This association develops operational standards for the climbing facilities and for the engineering and design of manufactured climbing structures.  Observing or using the Climbing Wall Association standards is strictly voluntary.

The Climbing Wall Association offers instructor certification and manager training program in May and June.  The certification program is for those who are seeking lead endorsement and lasts three hours.

If you are in the climbing industry in any way, the Climbing Wall Association would be the ideal association to join as they offer their members many services plus there is the great conference that they can attend.

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