Boulder Shelter for the Homeless

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The Boulder Shelter for the Homeless is a 501c (3) nonprofit corporation that provides food, safe shelter, support services, as well as an avenue toward self-sufficiency for homeless adults in the local community. The shelter believes that all individuals deserve the essential necessities of life. It treats everyone with dignity, offers opportunity and support, practices responsible stewardship and achieves results through creativity and competence.

The history of the organization can be traced back in 1982, when a group of concerned citizens established the Task Force on Shelter and Food for the Poor, in response to the death of a homeless veteran due to exposure in downtown Boulder. In 1987, it became a 501c (3) not-for-profit organization and transferred to 4645 N. Broadway to expand its services to the needy. In 2003, it opened another facility located in north Boulder that houses the Boulder County Cares and Winter Sheltering and Transition Programs. The shelter also houses the case management for the Boulder County Housing First program.

The Boulder Shelter for the Homeless offers various programs and services. This include winter sheltering, with the goal of offering safe overnight shelter, support services and food to clients between October and April; Transition Program to provide clients with safe, temporary home and helped them become more stable and attain sustainable housing once they exit the program; and morning services, including breakfast, access to laundry facilities, showers, phone messages and e-mail, which are available daily from 6am to 8am. The Boulder Shelter for the Homeless Transitional Housing Program also provides case management and housing services for families and individuals for up to two years.

The shelter offers the Boulder County Cares, a street outreach program that utilizes volunteers who canvass the community every evening during winter, distributing warm clothing such as gloves, hats and blankets, as well as providing food to homeless people. Clients may also be given transportation to the organization or other care providers if appropriate.

In partnership with the Boulder Housing Partners, the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless announced the Boulder County Housing First Program in 2006, a new method to deal with chronic homelessness in the region. This program provides permanent housing with intensive case management for homeless people living on the streets and who have high incidences of addictions, mental illness or physical disabilities.

The shelter holds various fundraising programs in order to support its programs and services, such as the Boulder Shelter Golf Classic, which is now on its 17th year. Recent fundraising events have included The Boulder Roundup, Benefit Days at Borders, Philanthropizza at California Pizza Kitchen.

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